Thursday, June 09, 2005

We were there but ...

The link above is a statement about the future plans of Saudi Arabia. Do they sound familiar?
They want to do what? Reach costumers in the US. They want to do what with production?

All this statements are true of the plans and ACCOMPLISHMENTS of PDVSA prior to El supremo and gross introduction of politics into the company.

Maybe they will buy Citgo.

Just another sad day for Venezuela en general.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The War on Terror

For those that have read my posts on other sites.
This article explains how I feel about the current state of affairs.

Lo que es igual no es trampa!

The situation in Bolivia keeps getting worse and part of the blame falls squarely in el supremo's door steps. It is funny that he thinks it is ok to strike indefinitely in Bolivia to achieve political goals. He has called the strike in Venezuela everything from a coup attempt to treason. I guess when you are planning and doing it is ok. When someone else is doing it to you, well you get the point. He also has been crying about a few thousand $ that Sumate received from the US but he has no shame in totally funding the Bolivian strike. It is ok for him and castro to be imperialists and interfere in other nations problems but the US is forbidden. Who would you like to interfere in your country? US or Cuba. For all that do not follow Venezuelan news that is not news that is just standard behavior for el supremo.

Trying to see the positive in a bad situation:

1- It appears that Brazil and Argentina depend to some degree on the Gas delivered from Bolivia. Will this be enough for them to wake up and do the right thing? The other option is scary, will they get a quick pay off by turning a blind eye in exchange for some concessions?
From the prior post and link it sounds like they can get a better deal in the long term by not supporting Morales/Chavez. It is clear that Chile will not support a potential unstable new government that may focus on external treats (f.i. Chile) to divert a nations attention. You know that the minute things are going wrong and Morales is in power he will blame someone else, that someone will be, as usual, the US but next in line is Chile.

2- This events will bring even more light into the actions of el supremo and his efforts to export his so called revolution. With the recent events and you can only hope we are reaching critical mass.

Warning for Chavez do not cry when it happens to you again b/c it will. He can not gut out PDVSA and expect to consequences.

Monday, June 06, 2005

The fight against chavez/castro in S. America

This is a very interesting article about the potential developments in Bolivia and how it relates to the fight against the so called revolution of el supremo and his plans in S. America. I am not educated enough to give an opinion abut the potential for a break up. One thing is for sure Peru does not need another trouble region.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


In the link above you can find the first interview of MCM. It shows that she has more class and brains that most of our goverment.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Miss Universe

Can you believe the question that Venezuela got!!!
The question went something like:
Does your country have any problems and if so what would you do about it?
Her face dropped to the floor. This was a random question that was submitted by miss Mexico. When the cameras focus on her face she new that it was not the ideal contestant to get that question.
In a few words it was a disaster. Miss Venezuela was uncomfortable and gave a lame answer.
She probably knew that if she gave a real answer she was looking at jail time back home. At that point she tanked the question and her chances to win. Hey one more thing we can blame on El Supremo!!! I can not believe she got that question. Anyway I am moving so I will keep it short.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mrs. Schiavo - Life and Death

In my daily work I recommend, not infrequently, that we should stop "heroic measures". I am the bluntest of any of my cohorts when it comes to spelling out prognosis and my opinion of the usefulness of treatments. The truth is that technology has outpaced the understanding of most people and in the USA we basically feel as if resources are limitless. We can right now keep someone alive despite multiple organ failures. We can delay natures course for weeks to months but at the end nature will take its course. When I approach a case in which I think treatment is futile I do 3 things. First you get all the family together in one room and make it clear that things go best if the family is together on any decision. Second, always make it clear that the best interest of the patient have to be kept in mind for any decision. It is not about how they feel it is about the patient. Third, try to give all the facts about the case and percentages if possible. Take time to answer all questions and never allow one family member to try to explain prognosis to the rest of the family. Also you should know that most neurologist are extreme reluctant about making the call of being brain dead or on a persistent vegetative state unless it is clear cut case.

The decision about Mrs. Schiavo should have been made many years ago, most likely a few months after her initial incident. I will assume that the Gastric tube was placed prior to discharge as it is not uncommon in stoke cases that will move to rehab. At some point her prognosis should have been discussed, no later than a few months. By that time her chances of recovery should be clear and if true he should have made her wishes known at that time. Why the delay, if there was one, I really do not know and I will not speculate. My wife asked me what I would do at this point. I would have recommended to keep everything the way that it is since she was stable for YEARS!!. I would have gotten the family together to talk about what to do in case she got ill. She is at risk for infections from multiple sources and I think it would be reasonable to approach all involved about the course of action in the event of acute illness. I would say that it is appropriate to say if she gets ill we will not take her to the hospital and we will not treat her with extra fluids or antibiotics. She would be a Do Not Resuscitate. From all the reports in the news you have to ask yourself: Did her ex-husband have her best interest in mind? I find it difficult to believe that he did. He clearly had moved on with life and by all practical purpose he had another wife. It is sad that the families were so bitterly divided and that some people were taken to jail for what some would consider regular mouth care for any hospice patient. It is so sad that the issue went to the courts and congress. We can only hope that this case will cause people to talk about the issues of life and death and their wishes not only with spouses but will all close family members.

Friday, March 18, 2005

And the flight of ideas continues....

Well El Supremo was in my town and his mouth diarrhea continues with no sign of improvement.

"Nosotros queremos seguirle mandando todos los días un millón y medio de barriles de petróleo y seguir haciendo negocio a Estados Unidos."

He knows without that he would not stay in power for 6 months.

"Yo no soy una amenaza, en América Latina es el hambre y la miseria. Nosotros estamos a la vanguardia en la lucha con la pobreza. No creo que haya otro país latinoamericanos que tenga mayores logros en la lucha contra la pobreza."

If you have to tell me you are not a bad boy, chance are that you are one. Look at the number of poor people and level of poverty. All have increased since he took over the government. Miguel documented this very well using their own numbers about one month ago.

"no permitiré que un grupo de rectores de la oposición en vez de asumir su responsabilidad con la educación de todos los venezolanos pretende utilizar las instancias como el CNU para sabotear la misión Sucre"

"hay gobierno en la historia venezolana que haya apoyado tanto y respetado la autonomía de las universidades"

Translation: I will take over all levels of education and indoctrinate the next generation. If you stand in my way .....

He keeps trying to tell us what he is and he is not. After being in the public eye since at least 1992, we know what you are all about. CONTROL, CONTROL and more CONTROL. We get it now.

Trasbarca(Mass transit) al cual se le destinaron 50 millones de dólares para la primera etapa y está calculado en el futuro inmediato la continuación de la obra. He promised

Translation: the ROBOlusion will continue!!!